Building a brighter future for people with type 1 diabetes...


AAPP Australia Artificial Pancreas ProgramAt the Australian Artificial Pancreas Program our researchers are developing a closed loop algorithm to autonomously adjust insulin delivery as blood glucose levels rise and fall. Known as ‘SCEN1C’, the software uses complex control theory to calculate a patient’s insulin requirements in real time and initiates appropriate delivery. In its finalised form the SCENIC algorithm will offer patients interactive, automated closed loop insulin delivery.

The AAPP algorithm has being designed around a predictive capability that uses the patient’s own history to assess the likelihood of upcoming food and exercise activities. This closely mimics the decision-making process that patients currently contribute to their therapy. SCEN1C will make decision-making intelligent and pro-active, but it will still offer an element of consultation to give the patient complete freedom to deviate from the usual routine. Uniquely, the system will have the ability to learn as the patient’s eating and exercise habits change. This is particularly appealing in the context of growing children and adolescents.

The AAPP algorithm is being developed for type 1 diabetes and may be adapted for type 2 and other types of diabetes. The model has already achieved outstanding results in FDA approved pre-clinical trials and clinical trials are now being carried out.
It’s exciting stuff and it can’t arrive soon enough for people living with type 1 diabetes around the world.

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