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OptimAAPP™ Smartphone App

OptimAAPP DashboardOur primary research focus over the last several months has been the development of a smartphone app to calculate more accurate insulin doses for type 1 diabetes patients.

For several years now the AAPP clinical team has been studying the combined effect of fat, protein and carbohydrate. They have shown that blood glucose levels following a meal are significantly affected by all these macronutrients, not just the carbohydrate. However carb counting is already difficult enough without having to count fat and protein as well. Luckily the ubiquity of mobile phones has provided us with a natural platform for giving patients simple access to the complex calculations in this cutting edge research.

Based on these nutrition research findings, our engineers have developed the mathematical model behind OptimAAPP™. Ultimately this model will also be built into the closed loop algorithm. By taking into account a more comprehensive food picture, OptimAAPP™ will give patients a more accurate insulin dose than current pump or MDI bolus calculators do. The app also keeps track of daily food and insulin history, hypos and trends.

Our intent is for this app to make the management burden a little lighter for patients and carers, by helping to achieve more consistent post-meal levels. The OptimAAPP™ app is approaching the beta release stage.