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Australian Artificial Pancreas Program - engineering a brighter future for people with type 1 diabetesWhat is the Australian Artificial Pancreas Program?
The Australian Artificial Pancreas Program is a national, multi-disciplinary collaboration between experts sharing knowledge, experience and skill sets.  The research group comprises engineers from the University of Newcastle and clinicians based at centres across Australia.  Its purpose is to develop an artificial pancreas algorithm to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. 

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), artificial pancreas devices will represent the most revolutionary development in diabetes care since the discovery of insulin.  JDRF supports Australian diabetes research via the strategic provision of funding.  JDRF Australia also plays a key role in advising and influencing health policy direction across all levels of government and has worked tirelessly since 1982 to build community awareness of type 1 diabetes.  While development progresses, they are working towards clearing regulatory pathways to make the technology widely available to people with type 1 diabetes as quickly and as safely as possible.

The AAPP investigators are approaching the challenge of blood glucose control with fresh eyes.  An externally worn insulin pump will employ a complex control algorithm to continually regulate the patient’s blood glucose level, calculating insulin requirement and adjusting insulin supply accordingly.  Thanks to a ground-breaking algorithm developed by the team’s control engineering experts, the Australian Artificial Pancreas promises smarter technology and better blood glucose management than ever before.

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Read about our clinical research team and our engineering research teamWe have research and clinical collaborations with investigators at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth under the direction of Prof Tim Jones, and with the team at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne under the direction of Prof David O’Neal.